Survival Chemistry

Combining applications in chemistry with the opportunity to create and perform vital AP chemistry or general chemistry labs, students are challenged in this PBL task, to explore and demonstrate practical uses of chemistry theory and labs.


2016-17 Projects:

  1. No matches – but I have steel wool and batteries.  What’s the chemistry?
  1. Equilibrium Save me!
  1. I’m lost and do not know how to head back.  How can I make a compass?  How do I know objects are magnetic?
  1. I’m in the wild for ages and I stink!  How can I make soap?
  1. Help! I’m stuck on an island and my diesel boat ran out of fuel.  Help me make some with this pond algae!  Algae Biofuel:
  1. I need to make a fire in the rain.  I have some brake fluid and some chlorine.
  1. I can’t make a fire – everything’s wet, but I do have some funky minerals and glycerin. Hmmmm….  By Amanda
  1. Help! I’m lost in the wild and don’t have a charger for my phone! Or radio for that matter!
  1. I need to write on paper but don’t have a pen!gabi-and-jennys-chemistry-survival-powerpoint
  2.  Help!  I’m in the wild and stung by insects.  What are some natural remedies we can use to save us?  More importantly… what’s the chemistry?

2.  Help! I’ve been sprayed by a skunk and I need chemistry to help me smell acceptable again!





Previous entries before Fall of 2016


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