2017 Polymer Assignment



** Note, there is an oil refinery in the south west direction of the Highway

A town in northern Canada called Carbonville, is planning on building an industrial plant.   The town has a population of 400 000 inhabitants.  There is agriculture area close to the city, that is a major source of green crops for the area in the summer months.  There is an airport near Fisherman lake and residential areas shown on the map. South west, there is the main transportation highway and railway  .Kekule lake is showing signs of pollution, and the fish species in the lake are beginning to dwindle.  Fischerman lake has a better environment and is currently the main source of water for residents. They are currently in need of an economic boost, and the city council hopes that this factory may boost the local economy.  A full map of carbonville can be viewed by clicking on the villanovachemistry polymer blog.

Part 2 – Your Task as Scientific Advisor

Polymer Web Pages Created by Students

Polystyrene (Exemplar)

Polystyrene by Austin

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) by Scott

HDPE by Dante

LDPE by Cristian     LDPE by Julian

Neoprene by Jenna    Neoprene by Pamela

Nylon by Erica

Paraaramid by Sara N.

Polyamide by Daniel P

PAN by Aidan                   PAN by Rebecca

Polyethylene by Anthony

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by Ashkan    PET by Cena

Polypropylene by Jonathan

Polycarbonate by Elod                Polycarbonate by Teddy

Polymer Formaldehyde Resin by Matthew

PTFE by Alessandria               PTFE by Hannah Z

Polyimide by Ali

Polyvinyl chloride by Brielle   Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by Daniel

Teflon by Johnathon

Polychloroprene by Michael libertopamphlet-on-polychloroprene-word-1libertopamphlet-on-polychloroprene-word-1


Instructions for creating Web page for blog:

You are the lead scientist selected to advise the town council.  In a report for the council in the form of a Web page for blog, you must do the following and each underlined heading should be included in your Web page for blog:

1)    Introduction: Explain, in a short introduction, some products that the new plant will make and how this can benefit the town

2)    About the polymer:  Discuss some of the diverse characteristics of your polymer (is it polar, formed by condensation or radicals, is it considered environmentally friendly during production and after production, can it be recycled, do any of its components mimic biological compounds or are they toxic in ecosystems)

3)    Recommend the new site for the plant to be built (Please refer to this map    ) and Justify why the site you have chosen is best.

4)    How Carbonville will benefit:  Justify if the close proximity of the oil refinery is beneficial to your factory/polymer production; in this slot refer to other benefits from question #6 or other benefits you see relevant

5)    Possible Problems:  Discuss the toxins released in the products and their impact or lack of impact on the local ecosystems, water pollution, stability of polymer and relationship to ocean plastic pollution; in this slot refer to other benefits from question #6 or other benefits you see relevant.  Can it be recycled?  See the relevant symbol and include this in your Web page for blog:  http://sandiegorecycling.org/fundraising/plastic-recycling-symbols/

6)    What are the short term and long term consequences on:

i) the ecosystem

ii) human beings from direct contact

iii) compounds that could end up still being present even after water treatment (usually small organic compounds go through the system)

iv) can it be recycled economically?

v) is it currently recycled efficiently?

7)    (Optional) Other Green solutions: are there any viable green solutions to producing this polymer in case it is rejected.

8)    Proposed Location:  Which area is safest to build this factory in Carbonville, and WHY?

9)    Final Recommendation:  As a conclusion, discuss the impact (positive, negative, or both!) of the plant on the town

Overall 65% of Polymer Project

Your task:  Create a Web page for blog to inform the public and as a discussion point with city council,  on your proposal (2-3-sided letter size pages before converting to a .jpg).  The language must be clear so that the public understands, contain images that are relevant to the plan




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